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Leading Beyond the Post, Inc. (LBTP), a full-service Executive Coaching and Leadership Development consulting company helping leaders and systems get “unstuck” by translating business strategy into individual leadership development. Learn how to harness talent, solve complex problems, innovate with diversity, and transfer individual and corporate learning into successful results.


Started in 2014, LBPT began with the idea that leadership is more than a singular act of leading or occurrence, rather a set of values that extend far beyond one’s functional job title or position.  Leading Beyond the Post leadership development and coaching services offer a unique perspective on leadership development by infusing both traditional leadership models as well as a humanist African philosophy called Ubuntu, which means-- I am, because you are.


LBTP principles are centered around personal and global accountability and responsibility, truth, non-judgmental respect, open candid dialogues, in-depth personal and communal relationships, and a collective sense that the stability and success of individuals’ are depended on the collective community.  It is a model of leadership that embraces cultural differences and stresses the idea that people are responsible for each other. It is a humanness philosophy that expands the ideology of social and human capital by creating environments that support multiple and shared experiences and acknowledges the intellectual attributes of every human.  For more information about these leadership principles click HERE.

My Book!

Navigating Courage follows the leadership journey of Dr. Robin Martin, a first-generation college graduate whose career illustrates the personal and professional risks that lurk behind every opportunity afforded women of color in the workplace.